Sara got on-the-ground training as a documentary filmmaker from her dad who led her on life altering adventures including Tibet, Japan, and Siberia, where a shipwreck left her contemplating a boring life selling insurance.

Sara has developed a unique style as a run-and-gun DP/Director, crafting the story in real time, and intimately capturing her subjects while simultaneously operating the camera. As her work as evolved to a more a sophisticated pallette, Sara always maintains an authentic aesthetic with heart.

Sara is best known for her OSCAR / EMMY Nominated and International Documentary Association (IDA) Winning documentary, POSTER GIRL, a gripping story about a female Iraq War veteran's journey from trauma to healing. A feature narrative adaptation is in the works. 

Sara's most recent work WOMEN WHO SCORE, just received a Hollywood Music in Media (HMMA) nomination for Best Music Documentary, bringing more attention to women composers who make up 3% of the top 250 box office films. Her follow up documentary, THE BERKLEE SEVEN - currently in production - features Berklee College of Music's most talented students in the Scoring for Silent Film class, going behind the scenes to illuminate the technically and emotionally grueling process that goes into making a film score.  

In addition to directing, Sara is skilled as a veritè style shooter and editor. She has been applying her craft for clients such as HBO, LIVE NATION, HELO, Superfly, and creative agencies Publicis and CP+B. Sara also uses her photography and interviewing skills to capture company profiles and culture for various industries.

Sara has a genuine interest in other people and their stories. She is obsessed with Moth Radio, loves yoga, skiing, hiking with cool people, and cooking with real butter. Don't let her small stature fool you, she can eat as much as you.

Sara resides in Santa Monica and is between LA + NY