Sara is an LA based director and short form docu-editorial storyteller. She is best known for her OSCAR & EMMY Nominated, & International Documentary Association (IDA) Winning documentary, “Poster Girl,” about the first female gunner in the Iraq War who returns home to battle her demons and the dysfunctional VA system. Her ability to engage and build trust with her subjects allows viewers to be transported emotionally and viscerally, as if breathing the same air and walking the same shoes. Sara's roots in veritè style filmmaking, combining relatable, human driven stories with dynamic imagery, has led to her authentic cinematic vision.

Her film, “Women Who Score,” recently received a Hollywood Music in Media (HMMA) nomination for Best Music Documentary, bringing more attention to women composers who make up 3% of the top 250 box office films. That experience led her to make “The Berklee Seven,” featuring a new generation of film composers at Berklee College of Music, and what it takes to be the next John Williams.  More recently, she finished co-directing and editing “Two Beats One Soul,” a feature documentary about a music industry couple's ambitious goal to bring a dozen American artists to Cuba to collaborate with the next generation of Cuban musicians on a genre bending album.

Early in her career, Sara received mentorship from her father as an editor and run-and-gun camera operator. Together, they travelled to over 15 countries, making films about important social and environmental issues. On one particular adventure in Siberia, a boating accident left her momentarily considering a dull life selling insurance.

Sara stays mostly on the ground with yoga and is a lover of cooking, thrillers, and live music. She serves on the board of Warrior Writers.



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