Director Sara Nesson is best known for her 2011 Oscar / Emmy Nominated and IDA-winning documentary "Poster Girl", featuring a female Iraq War veteran struggling with PTSD. Sara spent more than two years following the healing journey of veterans for "Poster Girl" and its companion film, "Iraq Paper Scissors," which centers on the Combat Paper Project. Sara possesses a talent for viscerally connecting audiences with everyday people on unexpected journeys.  She has been applying her craft for clients such as HBO, PBS, Reveal TV, Superfly, and creative agencies such as Publicis, FlyHelo, and CP+B. Sara just completed a concert documentary "Women Who Score" that celebrates women composers shattering the glass ceiling in Hollywood.  Her follow up documentary film - currently in production - features Berklee College of Music's extraordinary Scoring Silent Film class.  Sara is also in the process of adapting "Poster Girl" into a feature narrative. Sara is a passionate director who loves to write, shoot, and edit. When she’s not navigating a complex world of tragedy, darkness, beauty and light, she is strengthening her core with yoga, hiking with cool people, cooking with real butter, and always pointing her arrows on the golden goose.

Sara resides in Santa Monica and is between LA + NY + Boston