My Upcoming Documentary "Berklee silent film Orchestra" (working title)

How often does this happen?? I presented an idea for a feature documentary to the decision makers at Berklee College of Music, and they loved it. They green-lit the project with seed funds of $25K so that I can be camera ready September 1st, but on the condition that they get reimbursed when the film is fully funded. They do not want to influence me creatively.

In a very unique opportunity, Universal Pictures has commissioned the Berklee's Silent Film Orchestra program - BSFO - to create an original score for their silent film restoration initiative.  

The documentary will follow, over two semesters, the emotional and human journey of a larger than life 3x Emmy nominated professor and his top 7 undergraduate students from 4 countries (U.S., Japan, Spain, Australia) as they create an original score for the newly restored 1928 Victor Hugo film “The Man Who Laughs” (the inspiration for Phantom of the Opera and The Joker). This will be the student’s first professional experience before they get out the gate. In a crushing deadline, the score will be performed live-to-picture with a 12-piece orchestra at the end of the year at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, Nantucket FF, MVFF, and will most likely premiere at the ACADEMY (they are one of the program funders). The newly restored film mastered with the BSFO's original score will be released on TCM and distributed worldwide. 

This is a human driven film, but will be appealing to anyone who wants to experience the making-of a Hollywood score.

I am currently seeking financial partners & distributers.

First day of filming will be September 1st!

The images are from last year's BSFO program and performance at the Boston Pops with maestro Keith Lockhart.